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Tommy Hernandez

Corporate & Group Memberships

Healthy employees are happier and more productive employees. That’s why a corporate membership program makes perfect sense in every way. There are so many benefits to offering a corporate wellness program from reducing absenteeism and lowering health costs to improving moral and increasing productivity.

Defined Fitness’s corporate/group membership program helps companies give their employees meaningful benefits – with out any cost to the company. There are no funds to collect. We do the work and your employees gain the benefit of health and wellness.

We also offer additional services to compliment any Wellness Program such as on-site fitness classes, group personal training, seminars and more!


Membership Monthly
(plus tax)
Corporate and Group $38.99/person

*There is an initial fee of $75 for all new members with all membership types, however if you interrupt your membership for two years, there is a $25 re-instatement fee, and the fee increases to $50 after three years and $75 after four or more years. 

Corporate & Group Memberships

A minimum of five participants are required to start a Corporate or Group Membership. Memberships are then electronically drafted from each participant's checking account/credit card each month. Company payment plans can also be setup for those companies/organizations that elect to pay for their employees' memberships.