Spinning Class at Defined Fitness

Indoor cycling is a great cardiovascular workout. Maintain a fast cadence then progress into an intense hill climb while listening to motivating music on our fully adjustable bikes. Our high-intensity Cycling classes build endurance, strengthens the core and tones your muscles.

Our bikes are equipped with cycling computers which provide riders with information on cadence, heart rate, distance traveled and calories burned in the workout summary. All of our bikes are equipped with Triple Link pedals to accommodate both Look and SPD cleats/clips.

Sweat towels are mandatory and complimentary for all members and guests participating in our indoor cycling classes.

Grind Grind

Grind your way through this brand new 30 minute H.I.I.T cycling class

Jump Start Jump Start

Learn the basics of cycling and be more confident in your workout!

Mix’d Mix’d

Tabata, speed, and strength drills

Peak Peak

Climb your way to the top with this power workout

Pump’d Pump’d

Ride through various terrains while maximizing your "after burn".


RPM™ is the indoor cycling workout where you ride to the rhythm of powerful music. BIA

Surge Surge

A combination of cycling and group fitness

Trek Trek

A 90 minute endurance ride that will help perfect your cadence work