Group Fitness

Instructor : Naja Halpern


Naja has studied with the best yoga masters around the world, and has studied and taught for over 20 years. Naja teaches Yoga, as well as Pilates Mat classes at Defined. In Yoga, Naja teaches a Soft Iyengar style that protects the joints, develops flexibility and strength, and focuses on establishing symmetry and balance within the body. She offers many modifications in her classes, so ALL levels of students are welcomed. By focusing on flexibility, there are many benefits for cross-training in other sports. In Pilates, Naja’s classes are focused on protecting the lower back, strengthening the abdominals and developing the core. Participants learn the poses in detail in an effort to maximize safety and effectiveness through anaerobic activity.  All participants are always welcome to modify poses, work harder, as well as work with ease. Breath is also emphasized.