Commit to Get Fit I & II

Commit to Get Fit

This is the cornerstone program of Defined Wellness is Commit to Get Fit. This thirteen (13) week results-driven behavior modification program is designed for small groups who need more personalized support, motivation and education to make healthier lifestyle decisions. Participants are driven to success with a pre/post Enhanced Wellness Assessment, regular meetings with our wellness coaches, the latest technology in fitness tracking devices and incentive rewards for attaining their goals. Participants learn to overcome the obstacles that have prevented them from successfully meeting their goals in the past. They receive guidance on healthy nutrition, as well as menu assistance, tools for disease prevention, and tips for managing stress. Participants will also be provided hands-on instruction on a variety of low impact exercises that can be performed at home and work.

The Commit to Get Fit program is designed for 10-20 participants in a group.

Commit to Get Fit II

Commit to Get Fit II is a more advanced version that reinforces and expands on the concepts presented in Commit to Get Fit. Hour long seminars include familiar topics such as nutrition, stress management, disease prevention, as well as new content including financial wellness, personal self-defense, and emotional wellness.

The exercise component of the program is higher in intensity than Commit to Get Fit and also includes an introduction to a Defined Fitness facility with demonstrations on the proper use of aerobic and weight training equipment.

The Commit to Get Fit II program is designed for 10-30 participants in a group.

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