Commit to Get Fit I & II

Commit to Get Fit

A 13 week weight loss and health improvement program designed to help you move beyond the scale.

Our Commit To Get Fit program is a 13-week results-driven program where you'll learn to break through barriers that you never thought you could do before! Our fun and engaging seminars and progressive exercise instruction for all fitness levels, will keep you excited about your new healthy lifestyle.

This program is customized for your needs. You will receive a comprehensive Wellness Assessment pre/post program, which is reviewed with a physician and health coach in order to assess current health and to establish personal goals. This includes cholesterol lipid panel, glucose, A1C vitamin D levels, body composition, blood pressure and hip/waist ratio.

What's Included:

  • Pre/Post Comprehensive Wellness Assestment
  • Weekly meetings with health coaches
  • Incentive rewards for attaining your goals
  • Hands-on instruction on a variety of low impact exercises performed at home and work.

Starts April 22th, 2017

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